Sunday, February 24, 2019

Featured Volunteer William Abel

Ever wonder who creates the spectacular ever-changing stage and lighting design for the Sanctuary? It’s William Able, who you may recognize from his Gentle Chair Yoga class!

William’s been the Center’s dedicated volunteer set designer since 1998. Prior to this, he created the Christmas and Easter stage designs at the LBC.

We are ever so grateful for the talent and gifts you share, William!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Featured Volunteer Anne Gero

Anne Gero can be found on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings volunteering as the Front Desk Receptionist. She files, makes reminder calls, and assists with the Welcome folders. She’s also been an usher and done hospitality. One day Anne suggested that it would be helpful to the coffee crew, if the coffee were pre-measured, and she quickly found herself in charge of ordering and pre-measuring the coffee!  Thank you, Anne, for all that you do, especially from us coffee drinkers!   

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