Sunday, March 24, 2019

Featured Volunteer Tom Nilsson

Tom Nilsson, RcSP, and his wife, Pam, first came to the Center in 2009. During that visit, Tom’s whole perspective on life changed, and he recognized clearly that this is where he belonged. Tom is a Practitioner and volunteers his time praying with members and visitors in Grinton Chapel and works as a teaching assistant in the Center’s classes. He is also a licensed California contractor and has done a variety of significant building projects and repairs for the Center. He also shares his time and his truck each year moving food, tables, and chairs for our annual family picnic. Thank you, Tom, for the gifts of your time, talents, and truck!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Featured Volunteers One Heart Choir Core Group

Among the members of the One Heart Choir, there is a core group of volunteers who have specific tasks that support the wonder and beauty of the entire group. Pictured here are: Lisa Barry (dress team, major retreat, and general helper), Carole Puzas (email groups), Cindy Martineau Collins (musician books and librarian), Betty Perkins and Mike Perkins (honoring past section leaders), Bill Shafer, (building security), Daisy Blincoe, (chairwoman extraordinaire), Leandra Swendt, (financial manager), and Nancy Tally (sound and financial manager). Missing from the photo are Patrick Hardman (sound), Calvin Johnson (vocal support in sections), Anne Snyder (riser team captain), Alex Kraft (dress team), Marjorie Favuzzi (notes every week), Sherry Lester (stage manager), and Jo Lasley (core practitioner).

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Featured Volunteer Peter Stickney

Peter Stickney, RScP, came to the Center in 1989, and like so many of us, knew he was home. In September of that year, he became one of three youth church teachers. In March of 1990, Peter took over as editor of the monthly newsletter known as Centerings and changed the name to Centering to bring attention to the oneness we all share. As a member of the Board of Trustees, Peter continued his dedicated work in youth church and became an advisor for the youth camps. Currently, Peter edits and posts Dr. Edward’s talks for the audio blog and for the radio station, KSRO. He has been part of the committee that organized Man Spirit retreats, weekly men’s groups, hosted weekly meditations, as well as weekly meetings discussing A Course in Miracles. Peter has been a Licensed Practitioner since 1993. Peter, thank you for your devotion and service. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Featured Volunteers Our Board of Trustees

One of the highest forms of service at the Center is elected membership to the board of trustees.These volunteers tend to the business and hold the consciousness of the Center in an official capacity. The connection they enjoy while doing so brings a deeply satisfying spiritual practice to each one of them.

Current members are, pictured left to right, David Powers, Juanita Ortegon, Carol Fleming, Lynn Ruebush, Erica Palazzo, Anne Snyder, Robin Zolotoff, Calvin Johnson, and Alicia Carroll. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our Center!

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