Monday, August 19, 2019

Featured Volunteer: Allan Yeager

After serving on the board of trustees and volunteering in the library, bookstore, and business department, Allan is now a volunteer staff member at our Center. 

He has the title of Communications Officer and that means he keeps a close watch on our website and everything we publish such as the Sunday bulletin we enjoy, the welcome booklet handed to visitors on Sunday, event posters, class workbooks, and so much more. 

Along with a team of collaborators who also love grammar, spelling, design, and clarity, Allan helps make us look good.

Thank you Allan.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Featured Volunteer Lori Ross

Lori Ross with Bookstore Manager, Martha Salazar
Lori Ross has been volunteering in the bookstore since 2013. 

Lori is an asset to the bookstore and any team she is on for a variety of reasons. She has an exceptional skill set. She treats any volunteer position like she is the CEO of the company. She is efficient and calm under pressure. She has extraordinary leadership qualities and quietly motivates those around her. 

She is a team player and strong on her own. 

Lori is the first to arrive, the last to leave, the organizer, the friend, the confidante, steadfast, loyal, and fiercely dedicated. I am honored to know her and blessed to have her energy and presence in the store. 
Martha Salazar, Bookstore Manager 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Featured Volunteer: Giving Intention Team

Who are the people who write 800 thank you notes every year to each person who completes a Giving Intention Form?  Who are the ones who collect our intentions, enter our data, and organize our annual pledge program?  The Giving Intention Team, a team of volunteers who work tirelessly all year long to come up with a dynamic and inclusive way to enroll us into the spiritual practice of circulation, to financially support our beautiful Center.   We get a card from them saying "Thanks form your Giving Intention Team."  

This week we're saying thanks.

Thanks TO our Giving Intention Team

Dennis O’Rear, Jerry Huffaker, Bob Hart, Jan Davis,
Stephen Hann, Chandra Farnsworth, Linda O’Rear

Also on the team

Dr. Edward Viljoen and Linda Hann, COO

Here's a little background information on the work of your Giving Intention Team:

The work of the Giving Intention Team is four-pronged:

1. To Acknowledge
a. Through thanking those who submit Annual Giving Intention Cards
b. Through gifting those who submit Annual Giving Intention Cards (past gifts include: Gita in 2008, calendar in 2009, prayer booklet in 2010, etc.)
c. Through writing personal thank you cards to every person who submits an Annual Giving Intention Card

2. To Educate
a. Through ongoing education opportunities related to The Law of Circulation as taught by Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind.
b. Through presenting the goals and focus of the Center’s financial budget planning for the next fiscal year. (See:
c. To introduce new members at the New Member Orientation to the obligation members take on to disclose their giving intention annually.

3. To Ask
a. Through presenting an Annual Giving Intention Program one month a year
b. Through inviting enrolled givers to consider increasing their annual giving
c. Through soliciting feedback from those who submit Annual Giving Intention Cards about the efficacy of the program and the Center in general at annual open forums.

4. To Communicate
a. Through creating a online presence for our Non Profit Partners, Annual Giving Intention Card and other information
b. Through updating members and friends on the progress of our Facility Renewal Plan 
c.  Through educating incoming membership at Membership Orientation Classes

Friday, July 26, 2019

Featured Volunteers: Membership Assistance Team

The Membership Assistance Team is comprised of devoted volunteers who reach out to members who are experiencing temporary financial crises of one form or another.

Along with one-time financial assistance paid to a third-party, such as hospital or mortgage company, complimentary prayer by a Practitioner is also offered.

Since the October fires, this team has been very busy helping those in need.

Blessings to Alicia Carroll, Janet DePree and Megan Rooney for their kind service.

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