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Featured Volunteer: Krista Mc Atee

Fluent Spanish speaker Krista McAtee is currently enrolled in Advanced Conscious Studies online with global Spanish-speaking teachers and students in our movement. 

In addition, she serves as a spiritual counselor in the Center's jail ministry, is on the leadership team of our Diversity Discussion Group, supports our Heart in Hand ministry, and is facilitating six Sunday evening conversations this year. 

Krista enjoys the practice of visioning as a way of manifesting deeper spiritual living in her many communities. Gracias, Krista. We are profoundly grateful for your selfless service.
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Featured Volunteer: Brenda Kobrin

Brenda is a powerful light in the leadership of the Practitioner Body. She gives of herself generously by being on the Core Council and Retreat Planning committee, Grinton Chapel host, typing prayer requests monthly and praying weekly with the Healing Circle. In addition she serves in the Education Department assisting in classes and staffing the registration table. She is the founder of Project Sleep Warm and Days for Girls project, which extend to local and global communities. “I love serving my beloved CSLSR community wherever and whenever I can. I opens my heart and fills me with a sense of purpose and the satisfaction of knowing that I am making a difference.”

Featured Volunteer: Sherry Lester

This is how Sherry views volunteerism: “I love being in service to the Center. It allows me to give back for all the wonderful ways the Center has helped to enrich my life and live positively and with compassion.” In her 10 years at CSLSR she has put in time serving as the Alto section Leader and Co-Treasurer of the One Heart Choir, serving on the Stewardship Committee, providing bank and payroll reconciliation, as well as monthly money counting. Her love of service has taken her further out into the community where she volunteers at the Ceres Community Project and sings with a band called Jam Nation that tours to care facilities and farmers markets county wide to give the gift of music.

Featured Volunteers: Sunday Morning Usher Leads

The Sunday Morning Usher Leads
Over 100 years of collective ushering experience with CSLSR!

These wonderful volunteers practice selfless service that keeps our services flowing with grace and ease. Their dedication and commitment are profound. We are all deeply grateful for their gift of love.
Pictured here are Georgia Davis, Sharon Hawthorn, Chandra Farnsworth, Janet Depree, Lynn Ruebush, Patrick Muldoon, Barbara Alois, Connie Bertlshofer, And Juanita Ortegon. (Not pictured are Sue Adams, Scott Butler, and

Featured Volunteer: Maggie Cole

The nationally recognized, award-winning Practitioner Maggie Cole has floated in and out of so many uplifting events over the last 30 years that we can’t imagine how we could have arrived at today without her.

From usher to Sunday Evening and New Years Eve service facilitator to national assistance as stage manager, decorator and event planner extraordinaire, she has given her best to so many of us.

Her favorite all time creation was the Spirit of the Rose Dancers who graced our stage for 5 years. Her reason for serving for 30 years is that the SOM philosophy, literally saved her life and has evolved her consciousness to the degree that she experiences longed for FREEDOM. Also, being in service has uncovered her creative genius, the Truth about God and herself.

We offer great gratitude to her long years of service.

Matthew Duran - Featured Volunteer

Matthew has organized and up-leveled our lending library, adding beauty and ease of access for our community. 
He is a dedicated volunteer that quietly serves our Center with joy. 
Matthew has also served as a training captain for the Aids Life-Cycle team, and he is heading into his twelfth ride with the Team. 
Thank you so very much for your dedication to all you give, Matthew.

Jill Earl - Featured Volunteer

Having been a member of the Center for ten years, Jill Earl’s volunteer service includes counting the weekly offering with finance staff on Monday mornings, baking items for the snack table, and helping prepare congregational mailings. 
Jill also has been a regular volunteer with two of our former nonprofit partners: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Ceres Community Project.
Thank you for your service, Jill. We are grateful for your giving spirit.