Monday, August 19, 2019

Featured Volunteer: Allan Yeager

After serving on the board of trustees and volunteering in the library, bookstore, and business department, Allan is now a volunteer staff member at our Center. 

He has the title of Communications Officer and that means he keeps a close watch on our website and everything we publish such as the Sunday bulletin we enjoy, the welcome booklet handed to visitors on Sunday, event posters, class workbooks, and so much more. 

Along with a team of collaborators who also love grammar, spelling, design, and clarity, Allan helps make us look good.

Thank you Allan.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Featured Volunteer Lori Ross

Lori Ross with Bookstore Manager, Martha Salazar
Lori Ross has been volunteering in the bookstore since 2013. 

Lori is an asset to the bookstore and any team she is on for a variety of reasons. She has an exceptional skill set. She treats any volunteer position like she is the CEO of the company. She is efficient and calm under pressure. She has extraordinary leadership qualities and quietly motivates those around her. 

She is a team player and strong on her own. 

Lori is the first to arrive, the last to leave, the organizer, the friend, the confidante, steadfast, loyal, and fiercely dedicated. I am honored to know her and blessed to have her energy and presence in the store. 
Martha Salazar, Bookstore Manager 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Featured Volunteer: Giving Intention Team

Who are the people who write 800 thank you notes every year to each person who completes a Giving Intention Form?  Who are the ones who collect our intentions, enter our data, and organize our annual pledge program?  The Giving Intention Team, a team of volunteers who work tirelessly all year long to come up with a dynamic and inclusive way to enroll us into the spiritual practice of circulation, to financially support our beautiful Center.   We get a card from them saying "Thanks form your Giving Intention Team."  

This week we're saying thanks.

Thanks TO our Giving Intention Team

Dennis O’Rear, Jerry Huffaker, Bob Hart, Jan Davis,
Stephen Hann, Chandra Farnsworth, Linda O’Rear

Also on the team

Dr. Edward Viljoen and Linda Hann, COO

Here's a little background information on the work of your Giving Intention Team:

The work of the Giving Intention Team is four-pronged:

1. To Acknowledge
a. Through thanking those who submit Annual Giving Intention Cards
b. Through gifting those who submit Annual Giving Intention Cards (past gifts include: Gita in 2008, calendar in 2009, prayer booklet in 2010, etc.)
c. Through writing personal thank you cards to every person who submits an Annual Giving Intention Card

2. To Educate
a. Through ongoing education opportunities related to The Law of Circulation as taught by Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind.
b. Through presenting the goals and focus of the Center’s financial budget planning for the next fiscal year. (See:
c. To introduce new members at the New Member Orientation to the obligation members take on to disclose their giving intention annually.

3. To Ask
a. Through presenting an Annual Giving Intention Program one month a year
b. Through inviting enrolled givers to consider increasing their annual giving
c. Through soliciting feedback from those who submit Annual Giving Intention Cards about the efficacy of the program and the Center in general at annual open forums.

4. To Communicate
a. Through creating a online presence for our Non Profit Partners, Annual Giving Intention Card and other information
b. Through updating members and friends on the progress of our Facility Renewal Plan 
c.  Through educating incoming membership at Membership Orientation Classes

Friday, July 26, 2019

Featured Volunteers: Membership Assistance Team

The Membership Assistance Team is comprised of devoted volunteers who reach out to members who are experiencing temporary financial crises of one form or another.

Along with one-time financial assistance paid to a third-party, such as hospital or mortgage company, complimentary prayer by a Practitioner is also offered.

Since the October fires, this team has been very busy helping those in need.

Blessings to Alicia Carroll, Janet DePree and Megan Rooney for their kind service.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Volunteer Appreciation BINGO, Dinner, and Dance!!!


It's that time of year again, where 
The staff of the Center 
come together to celebrate our amazing volunteers!

Everyone had so much fun at last year's 
BINGO party, 
we've decided to do it again!  

We will start earlier in the afternoon 
On Saturday, September 14
at 4 PM and end earlier at 8 PM

We will be having a delicious catered dinner 
so you can keep up your strength and
DANCE to The Core!!!

Please come to the 
Volunteer Table on Sunday's beginning
August 4 
to pick up your admission ticket and 
fill out a Raffle Ticket!

This is going to be the best party yet!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Featured Volunteer Bette Smith

Bette Smith, RScP, first attended the Center in 1995 because two friends recommended it to her in the same week. 

Like so many of us, she knew immediately she had found her spiritual home. 

Bette became a Practitioner in 2002 and began assisting in classes. Bette has given her whole self, heart and soul, to many selfless service  projects including: work in the nursery, with Spirit in Nature, producing several Sufi dancing events with Tui, helping with food prep and serving meals for events, serving two years on the Practitioner Core, being part of a team bringing Rickie Byars and Agape Choir and house band to us for concerts, working in the bookstore, leading meditation, praying on platform and in Grinton Chapel, hosting Sunday services, helping update the Center’s Website, and recently helping with Sunday morning host scripts and PowerPoint slides. 

Bette, we so appreciate you for the gifts of love given through your talents and time.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Featured Volunteer Cindy Martineau Collins

In 2012 Cindy signed up as a volunteer for a one-year commitment in our Youth and Family Ministry, and she has been serving with our youngest members in the nursery ever since. Cindy brings her cheerful, loving presence to every child and volunteer with whom she works. As a member of the One Heart Choir, Cindy is the music librarian, creating the choir's music books for Sunday services. She also organizes and files the music for each season. Cindy embodies the Center's teaching by being a loving, light-hearted presence wherever she serves. Cindy, we are grateful for your ongoing support and the light you bring to everyone. Thank you!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Curb your Enthusiasm!

Serving the World: A Spiritual Practice

Learning about how serving the world can be a spiritual practice was made easier when I encountered these four helpful shifts in awareness:

  • From Doing To Being
  • From Attachment to Nonattachment
  • From Obligation to Love
  • From Duality to Oneness

The first, the shift from doing to being, represents a change in focus from being task oriented towards being mindful of the attitude with which I approach my service. Someone coined the phrase “never move faster than the speed of love,” which to me describes the attitude I aspire to when service. When I am tasked oriented, I can sometimes be rough with people, and leave an unpleasant emotional wake behind me. I’m learning to focus on how I am being while I am doing what I am doing.

The second, the shift from attachment to nonattachment, reminds me that I want to get to a place in mind where I don’t let disappointment degrade my engagement. A paraphrase of what Krisha said to Arjuna when asked what kind of people he favored might be: those who are neither buoyed up by praise or cast down by criticism are loved by me.

The third, a shift from obligation to love, prompts me to acknowledge that some things in life are not pleasant, and yet we have to do them anyway, and invites me to discover whether I can engage in the unpleasant activity with my focus on love. I am trying to not let my aversion to discomfort stop me from being open heartedly engaged in serving the world.

Finally, the shift from duality to oneness, to me is about the realization that although it appears that I’m doing something for someone else when I’m serving, it is also true that I’m doing it for myself, or the self of me that lives in all beings.

Featured Volunteer Michael Seymour

Michael Seymour is one of those behind the scenes volunteers that make our Center shine. He visits our offices during business hours and makes sure the garbage and recycling bins are properly emptied so that staff can concentrate on their work. On Wednesday afternoons, he removes the chairs and mops the floors in rooms 1 & 2 so that Natalie’s yoga class has a clean space to practice. And he is happy to tend to “other tasks” as assigned, completing them with skill and a warm heart. Thank you, Michael, for the generous gifts you give to all at the Center.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Featured Volunteers The Video Ministry Team

It takes a village of volunteers to record and edit our Sunday morning messages so that they can be seen and heard far and wide.

Cindy Richards, top left, heads up the video recording crew; Naava Dewey, top row, middle, manages the editing team.

Other video volunteers currently include Richard Cullinen, Steve DeLap, Rebecca Graves, Karl Kowalski, Rob Mayfield, David Reichard, and Jean-Pierre Swennen.

Thanks to all of you! Our gratitude abounds!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Volunteer Features Deborah Taylor-French and Marc Hoffman

Deborah Taylor-French and Marc Hoffman formed a delightful team assisting in Youth Church classes 9 years ago. Deborah had been assisting for 11 years before that and met Marc while offering her SEVA. They enjoy bringing their musical instruments to classes and watching their young students become young adults. “The joy we feel from being with these students can never be measured. They give us a grand sense of the wealth of the human spirit.” Thank you, Deborah and Marc, for tending to the Center’s Youth Church members!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Featured Volunteer Dan Jensen

Dan Jensen first came to the Church of Religious Science when he attended a memorial service in San Diego. Rev Kathy Hearn was the minister there, and he was captivated by the experience. Dan joined CSLSR in 1995 and attends services regularly. He reports the Center feeds his soul and the teachings of Religious Science have transformed his life. 

Over the years, Dan has volunteered in the bookstore and run the bake sale at the Holiday Craft Faire. However, his ongoing SEVA is in the Center’s finance department, where he posts the weekly tithing and occasionally helps Anne Galbraith with a project. Dan says, “It is my great pleasure to be of service.” 

Thank you, Dan, for the gifts you give so lovingly.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Featured Volunteer Nancy Moorhead

For 18 years, Nancy was a joyful teaching assistant in the 5 to 7-year-old Youth Church classes. She recently changed her SEVA to counting money on second Mondays with Anne, but you may also recognize Nancy’s smiling face from her long-standing fifth Sunday SEVA as an usher and greeter. She also ensures that our roses remain prolific as our volunteer pruner. Thank you, Nancy, for the many ways you have and continue to support our Center!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Featured Volunteer Carol Seymour

Carol Seymour, RScP, has been in loving service to our Youth and Family Ministries for 24 years, beginning when we were renting space at the Luther Burbank Center. 

In fact, Carol organized a fundraising auction to help us purchase our new spiritual home here. In addition to the Practitioner prayers, she has been providing for 18 years, Carol has also opened her home to visiting speakers and musicians. 

All in all, Carol is a stellar ambassador for our Center, and we are deeply grateful to her.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Featured Volunteer Debby Young

Our featured volunteer of the week is Practitioner Debby Young, in gratitude for her steadfast dedication to the youth and Teens of our Center over the last 9 years.

Debby has been a source of weekly inspiration, loving-kindness and compassion.

We love you and wish you every happiness as you spread your love and service in new ways in our community.

From: Teen Group and Youth and Family Ministry.

Debbie is featured here in the middle of two of her good friends, do you know who they are? :)

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Featured Volunteer Marjorie Favuzzi

Treasured volunteer Marjorie Favuzzi has served as a teen advisor since 2015. Her professional skills as a life coach and training with Emotional Freedom Techniques have helped our teens deal with anxiety and the social pressures they experience at school and among their peers. Marjorie is also a member of the One Heart Choir where she tends to the rehearsal notes and serves on the concert and retreat teams. We are wondrously grateful for the treasured gifts you share!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Featured Volunteers One Heart Choir Section Leaders

The One Heart Choir, under the direction of Claire Victor, shares its beautiful gift of music to us via a devoted group of volunteers who make it their spiritual practice to underscore our message with music, stunning presentation, and pure love. Pictured above are the section leaders who go the extra mile to create divine harmony by coordinating rehearsals for each section. Gratitude for Julia Hansen, Andrew Burton, Linda Weber, Howard Shaffee, Sherry Lester, Jo Lauer, Linda Conner, and Morningsong.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Featured Volunteer Tom Yanes

Tom Yanes joined the Center’s Music Ministry in 2006 during Linda Webb-Kakaba's tenure as Music Director. During his first visit to the Center, he was drawn to the music and knew he wanted to be a part of it. Tom continues to play guitar and sing regularly at our Sunday services.

In addition to his music seva, Tom serves as an usher and periodically hosts services on Sunday. Thank you, Tom, for the gifts of song, music, and heart you share with us.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Featured Volunteer Bob Hart

Bob Hart first attended the Center in the Spring of 1999. He was in search of a spiritual home and halfway through the service knew he had found it!  Bob has been on the Giving Intentions Team and a member of the Board of Trustees, serving as Vice President. When transitioning off the Board, he remained ex-officio to help complete the solar project in the parking lot. He has assisted with facilities repair and painting and is the fire tender at the annual picnic. Bob currently serves as co-chair on the Nurturing Our Community Team and as chair of “In the Mezzanine: Experiencing the Divine Through the Lens of Visual Arts," a program that beautifies the Center by exhibiting Member’s artwork in a three-month rotation. Thank you, Bob, for all your generous giving!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Featured Volunteer Jim Thomason

Professional, detail oriented, and devoted to the Center, Jim is a member of our Stewardship Team and has also been managing the website of Stepping Stones Books and Gifts for more than 15 years. You will see him volunteering in the store on Sundays and at their used book sales and ticketed events. And that’s not all! Mowed grass around our property? Thank you, Jim, for this and more!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Featured Volunteer Tom Nilsson

Tom Nilsson, RcSP, and his wife, Pam, first came to the Center in 2009. During that visit, Tom’s whole perspective on life changed, and he recognized clearly that this is where he belonged. Tom is a Practitioner and volunteers his time praying with members and visitors in Grinton Chapel and works as a teaching assistant in the Center’s classes. He is also a licensed California contractor and has done a variety of significant building projects and repairs for the Center. He also shares his time and his truck each year moving food, tables, and chairs for our annual family picnic. Thank you, Tom, for the gifts of your time, talents, and truck!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Featured Volunteers One Heart Choir Core Group

Among the members of the One Heart Choir, there is a core group of volunteers who have specific tasks that support the wonder and beauty of the entire group. Pictured here are: Lisa Barry (dress team, major retreat, and general helper), Carole Puzas (email groups), Cindy Martineau Collins (musician books and librarian), Betty Perkins and Mike Perkins (honoring past section leaders), Bill Shafer, (building security), Daisy Blincoe, (chairwoman extraordinaire), Leandra Swendt, (financial manager), and Nancy Tally (sound and financial manager). Missing from the photo are Patrick Hardman (sound), Calvin Johnson (vocal support in sections), Anne Snyder (riser team captain), Alex Kraft (dress team), Marjorie Favuzzi (notes every week), Sherry Lester (stage manager), and Jo Lasley (core practitioner).

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Featured Volunteer Peter Stickney

Peter Stickney, RScP, came to the Center in 1989, and like so many of us, knew he was home. In September of that year, he became one of three youth church teachers. In March of 1990, Peter took over as editor of the monthly newsletter known as Centerings and changed the name to Centering to bring attention to the oneness we all share. As a member of the Board of Trustees, Peter continued his dedicated work in youth church and became an advisor for the youth camps. Currently, Peter edits and posts Dr. Edward’s talks for the audio blog and for the radio station, KSRO. He has been part of the committee that organized Man Spirit retreats, weekly men’s groups, hosted weekly meditations, as well as weekly meetings discussing A Course in Miracles. Peter has been a Licensed Practitioner since 1993. Peter, thank you for your devotion and service. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Featured Volunteers Our Board of Trustees

One of the highest forms of service at the Center is elected membership to the board of trustees.These volunteers tend to the business and hold the consciousness of the Center in an official capacity. The connection they enjoy while doing so brings a deeply satisfying spiritual practice to each one of them.

Current members are, pictured left to right, David Powers, Juanita Ortegon, Carol Fleming, Lynn Ruebush, Erica Palazzo, Anne Snyder, Robin Zolotoff, Calvin Johnson, and Alicia Carroll. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our Center!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Featured Volunteer William Abel

Ever wonder who creates the spectacular ever-changing stage and lighting design for the Sanctuary? It’s William Able, who you may recognize from his Gentle Chair Yoga class!

William’s been the Center’s dedicated volunteer set designer since 1998. Prior to this, he created the Christmas and Easter stage designs at the LBC.

We are ever so grateful for the talent and gifts you share, William!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Featured Volunteer Anne Gero

Anne Gero can be found on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings volunteering as the Front Desk Receptionist. She files, makes reminder calls, and assists with the Welcome folders. She’s also been an usher and done hospitality. One day Anne suggested that it would be helpful to the coffee crew, if the coffee were pre-measured, and she quickly found herself in charge of ordering and pre-measuring the coffee!  Thank you, Anne, for all that you do, especially from us coffee drinkers!   

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