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Featured Volunteer: Maggie Cole

The nationally recognized, award-winning Practitioner Maggie Cole has floated in and out of so many uplifting events over the last 30 years that we can’t imagine how we could have arrived at today without her.

From usher to Sunday Evening and New Years Eve service facilitator to national assistance as stage manager, decorator and event planner extraordinaire, she has given her best to so many of us.

Her favorite all time creation was the Spirit of the Rose Dancers who graced our stage for 5 years. Her reason for serving for 30 years is that the SOM philosophy, literally saved her life and has evolved her consciousness to the degree that she experiences longed for FREEDOM. Also, being in service has uncovered her creative genius, the Truth about God and herself.

We offer great gratitude to her long years of service.

Matthew Duran - Featured Volunteer

Matthew has organized and up-leveled our lending library, adding beauty and ease of access for our community. 
He is a dedicated volunteer that quietly serves our Center with joy. 
Matthew has also served as a training captain for the Aids Life-Cycle team, and he is heading into his twelfth ride with the Team. 
Thank you so very much for your dedication to all you give, Matthew.

Jill Earl - Featured Volunteer

Having been a member of the Center for ten years, Jill Earl’s volunteer service includes counting the weekly offering with finance staff on Monday mornings, baking items for the snack table, and helping prepare congregational mailings. 
Jill also has been a regular volunteer with two of our former nonprofit partners: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Ceres Community Project.
Thank you for your service, Jill. We are grateful for your giving spirit.

Featured Volunteer: Linda Thomason

Linda Thomason has offered her gifts of service for nearly all of the two decades she has been a member. Even when the Center was back at the LBC, she helped with bookstore operations there. She has served on the Board of Trustees, the Stewardship Committee and enjoys assisting at events and special projects when they arise. Her monthly bookstore service is a joyful way to meet people and help them select unique gifts or find books that they need.

She says that being in service is a privilege and is very gratifying every time she offers herself. Her warm smile and kindness brings that same gratification to all of us.

Featured Volunteer: Ken McCauley

Ken McCauley has served as Treasurer on the Board of Trustees and as a longtime volunteer member of the Stewardship Team, seeing to the financial integrity of our Center. 
Ken says about sacred service, “Many years ago, I learned that service is its own reward. Ever since, I love working with a team and offering my time and talent to a common good. In doing so, I feel I am a part of a community; I am a part of our beloved Center. I belong.” 
Thank you, Ken, for your gracious and meticulous care of our Center and for sharing your wisdom about one of our pillars of spiritual practice.

Featured Volunteer: Peggy Weber

Whether in person or on the telephone, Practitioner Peggy Weber loves to pray with you. She serves in the Heart and Hand Ministry making hospital and home visits or phone calls to be a healing presence in your life. She co-facilitates the Grief and Loss Group as well as the Full Circle group. The Education Ministry also benefits from her able assistance in both enrichment and accredited classes. Peggy says that in addition to deepening her spiritual practices through the services she gives, she is paying forward the love that is given to her.

Featured Volunteer: Norma Miller

Norma has been a welcoming presence as usher for 30 years. Her warmth and graciousness have greeted many a congregant and helped create that feeling of “being home.”

She has run the Seniors-in-Spirit group for 15 years, took a stint at the front desk for a while, and served former Music Director Linda Webb Khakaba as organizer and friend. 
Norma loves the many rewards that sharing and being in service have brought her.