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What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Tony Vito

I have been a musician with the Center since 2006. During this time, I have learned to truly face myself, and start again with a clean slate and open mind. There have been times when my Center has loved, understood, and forgiven me when I could not. I have found my deepest, most meaningful friendships here; this place of Hope and Joy that holds my Soul in loving arms. Musically, the Center had taught me about service and discipline, things I was lacking as a musician. Working with our music director Chris through the years has been a fantastic, rewarding journey, and a conduit to remembering who I am. I'm so glad I found a home for my Mind, Heart, and Soul. -Tony Vito
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What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Trish Watkins

I have been volunteering at the Center for as long as I have been attending, some 17 or 18 years, and have participated in many different positions. I do this because I get a lift from being  there; it's always a good vibe and something  I truly relish.  Volunteering is such a reciprocal activity, a true giving and receiving experience. I think it will always be a priority for me.  -Trish Watkins

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Kate Luna

I was raised on volunteering. At 8 years old, my dad enlisted me to take the elderly, blind nuns from the local convent shopping for their groceries. I had to get them safely back and forth on NYC streets, count their change and make sure I got the EXACT crackers they wanted. I learned self-reliance, compassion and patience. From that point on through high school, college and adult life, I volunteered in a wide range of roles and organizations.It was a given… a way to help others, show that I care and make a difference. After several years of attending the Center, I joined the newly formed Welcoming Team and found my sweet spot. Before Covid, I loved being at the front door greeting and engaging with our congregants. As we maneuvered quickly into online services, I was monitoring the chat along with fellow Welcoming Teammates as we did our best to bring that sense of connection to this new world of “Zoom Church”. When we began in-person Sunday services, I was happily that masked face o

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Peggy Webber

Volunteering means a way to connect with people while sharing a task, different from what I do in my daily routine. I’m learning a new task and new ways to interact. I have volunteered as an usher, at tables in the social hall, and now as one of the facilitators in The Thriver’s Group, Full Circle, and a Sunday Evening Conversations. In each of these chosen positions my connections with people strengthen. By volunteering at our Center I practice what I learn from Science of Mind; Love, Oneness and Inclusivity! My life is more meaningful because I volunteer! -Peggy Webber

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Donna Hoover

I love volunteering at CSLSR because it is a great way to be in the flow of Circulation.   I receive a lot from the Center, including sweet appreciation from staff for what I do.  It makes me want to give more.  I love feeling like an active part of CSLSR, plus there is always something fun to do!    -Donna Hoover

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Sue Sandholm

Volunteering at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts is the most joyful SEVA I have done at the Center.  As a member for over 14 years, I have participated in several volunteer positions, but creating a “happy” place where congregants can support our Center by shopping, visiting, and gleaning ideas for their spiritual practices has been the greatest gift for me. It is truly a blessing to volunteer at our bookstore!   -Sue Sandholm

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Lili Escovedo

I love volunteering for our beautiful Center for the connection and community.  Sacred service is such a wonderful way to bring our teaching into the world and make friends doing it! -Lili Escovedo