Saturday, February 13, 2010

First floor, Enlightenment

photo - 20100210_154721

Don Jones working on our elevator panel, keeping our building accessible to all.

Thank you Don.

Changing Light Bulbs in the Sanctuary

photo - 20100210_185837

Joe and Don perform the heady task of changing light bulbs in our Sanctuary…. it’s way way up there!

Thank you Joe and Don for keeping us in the light.

Monday, February 1, 2010

William Abel

Month after month we are treated to a new look in our Sanctuary.  William Abel climbs ladders, hangs stars, paints walls, decorates, designs and delights us with his creativity. William has been collaborating with helpers to facilitate the creation of the 12 monthly theme banners that he envisions will hang all throughout the Sanctuary.  Each month we'll add another to highlight the topic focus of the month.

Recently William painted the entrance hall to our Social Hall, moving the statue of Ganesha and redecorating for a peaceful, sacred feel.  Thank you William for caring about our spiritual home with your time and talent.

Bill Stites

Doing his weekly leaf raking Seva.   Keeping our grounds clean, crisp (and safe) thanks to Bill and a host of other behind the scenes volunteers, from trimmers, to rose pruners, painters, picker-uppers and more.  Thank you to those of you who serve silently and help keep our facilities in a state of ongoing wellbeing.

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