Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Services Planning Team At Work

Monthly planning team reviews the past month and reviews the logistics for next month: sound, music, hosts, speakers, volunteers and so much more to keep tidy and well supported for your spiritual living!

Rev. Joyce Dufalla, Chris Fritzsche, Rev. Jeff Anderson, Georgett Eggel and Edward Viljoen (not in photo).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sound Team Update from Nick Grizzle

Well, this week's service was full band and vocals, which we balanced on the new board to sound wonderful. We'll have a kirtan chant service this Wednesday, and we have installed the new snake to add on those extra channels on the board, so it will be even bigger than before.

What's new:

The new snake has been installed, meaning we now have about 30 channels available from the stage. We will also be able to run the new light board through this new snake (the new lights will be installed soon, they are currently lighting the statues onstage). The board is now labeled on the right hand side as a permanent installation with EQs set. All one has to do is set the levels on the faders! So much easier and less intimidating for new sound engineers to jump in. If you've ever thought sound engineering was too much to understand, now is the time to get involved! We've made it easy to get started and you can pick up new tips along the way.


Nicolas Grizzle
Sound Technician
Center For Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I can see Clearly now!

Lawrence is clearing the way for the sunlight to shine through! One of our many widow washing elves, Lawrence Edwards joyfully goes about his seva task. Martha Salazar and the rest of the Stepping Stones Book Store volunteers will soon be singing "I can see Clearly now" in three part harmony. CD release date is still to be announced. Thank you Lawrence for your service!

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