Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hi Friends

Nick has installed our new Allen and Heath, 40 channel mixing board over the past couple of days and we had our first band rehearsal for tomorrow morning’s service today to get it all up and running.

I asked that we invest in a new board for two reasons; our old Mackie board was starting to make dying noises and I didn’t want us caught in the lurch should it catastrophically fail, and we had outgrown the Mackie’s 24 channels.

What I didn’t know (Nick told me but I didn’t realize it would be so extreme) was how much clarity and spaciousness this new board would bring to our sound just by virtue of being a new and better board. The only experience I have with “sound” has been in my job here with our old Mackie board and when I heard the sound through the new board today, both onstage and in the house I was astounded at the difference. It makes the old Mackie board (God bless that little workhorse and all it did for us) sound kind of muddy and “noisy” in comparison.

I wanted to let you all know so that you can enjoy it tomorrow as you hear sound through it for the first time. Of course we may have little bugs to work out here and there as is the case with such a major equipment

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