Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sound Renovation

Sound baffling panels have been installed 59% and already the difference is amazing.

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Greener Landscapes Greener Water

Dear Edward,

I have met with the Santa Rosa City Utilities Dept. representative Jennifer Burke regarding the use of recycled water for our outdoor irrigation. Santa Rosa recognizes the need to conserve drinking water and to make good use of treated water if we are going to have a viable water future. This is a good way to overcome a lot of the drought potential we face as a community.

The city plans to run a new recycled water line down Occidental Rd. in 2010 and this would be the time to hook up to it. There would be no cost to us for any of the new plumbing or the connection into our irrigation system, which involves adding another water meter. We would receive approximately a 10% discount on the recycled water flat rate fee and 5% discount on actual usage. Jennifer is going to get back to me with solid numbers in the near future.

This program would be in keeping with our goal of supporting “green” living and the conservation of the earth’s resources. It will mean some record keeping for my department and some training for me about how to handle a recycled water system, but there is no cost to us.

Jerry Cornacchio, Facility Manager
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
2075 Occidental Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
707-546-4543 x 114, FAX 546-4548,

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