Monday, May 23, 2011

Weeding Party!!

In an ongoing commitment to maintaining, renewing and renovating our facility and grounds, volunteers regularly prune, sweep, cut and clean the flower beds. Recently a weeding party was held to clear the center islands in front of our Sanctuary and later we will have a planting party. If you want to be included, please watch our announcement pages available by clicking here or contact our Facility Manager, Evan Dow-Williamson at

The After

And the in between

Thank you everyone for all your hard work! Many hands make light work and we did it! Look forward to seeing you all again for the NEXT WEEDING PARTY!!

...Coming soon...


Ministry of Service Opportunities

Greetings friends of the Center.  In a short while the photographs from this weekends Weeds Begone event will be posted.  Thank you to all who participated and for the new fresh clean look on our main avenue!

Someone asked me what other opporutnities were avialable at the Center to serve and it prompted me to check.  Here is what I found:

  • Recept Desk openings exists for both day and evening shifts
  • Saturday setup support position has become available
  • Sunday setup support teams are looking for more members
  • Sunday hospitality crew is looking for smiling faces and willing hands

I was also reminded that there is ongoing and updated information about seva (selfless service) opportunities in our social hall on sundays, or you can contact for quick responses about how to help at the Center.

Again, thank you to all who help!

Edward Viljoen

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