Thursday, May 23, 2013

Solar Is On The Way

Late breaking news … solar construction will start next Tuesday May 28. The parking structure is expected to be complete by Friday June 2, but work will continue after that to install and hook up solar.

Our parking area will be impacted during this period, particularly for the first two weeks while the parking structure is being built. We will not be able to park in the row along Occidental Road where the structure will be located, and will have construction materials staged in the far northeast row (next to the Round Table parking lot) in 6-7 spaces. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Heart Safe Ministry

Hi All,

As an fyi, You probably know now that the Center has two AED (Defibulators) on site. Six of our staff have gone through the training so far with more to follow I'm sure.


(1) Social Hall, left of the Prac board in a white cabinet.
(2) North Hall way, across from room 11 where the old pay phone use to be in a white cabinet.

Please note that these cabinets do not lock for obvious reasons, and a very laud alarm will sound when they are opened. Bets will be taken as to when we have our first false alarm.

If you need to open the cabinet, and would like to have the alarm not sound, you will need a key which is in my office. If you need this, let me know.

I am so pleased that we have these AEDs.

Love you,

Evan Dow-Williamson
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa
Facility Manager
Tel: 707-546-4543 x114

Visit our Heart Safe Ministry Here

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