Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sanctuary Lighting Renovation


The big news is the progress in our lighting renovation project. Our team is Jan Davis, Keith Kelsay, Keith Eggel, Paul Sarran and Evan Dow-Williamson.

So far we have:

  • Cleaned and repaired the dimmer-pack (an electrical component that conditions the electricity for the lights) saving the cost of $2000+ for a new one. (Yeah Paul!!!)
  • Purchased, flown and focused 4 new Fresnel fixtures that give a much more gracious and "kind on the eye" light for the middle section of the stage.
  • Refocused and put the necessary diffusion (filters) on the rest of the lights still in use)
  • Repaired existing fixtures.
  • Installed 4 new ceiling can lights that shine from the backstage ceiling down onto the gold curtains - and put them and the previously existing two cans on one dimmer switch backstage. This will enable us to light the curtains without blasting light through the speaker from the trapeze causing unnecessary shadows.
  • Ordered a new lighting board (it's on route now).

Still to do:

  • Create an extension cord that will allow us to move the lighting board across the balcony to its new home between the sound and the video areas.
  • Refine the lighting design. Codify our lighting practices for each service and invite volunteers to be trained on the newly renovated system so that we have a designated person running lights for each service.
  • Test a few more fixtures for some accent lighting.
  • Purchase a platform ladder for use in adjusting lightings (this will greatly improve our ability to do this safely).

Our Lighting Renovation Team Member and new volunteer Lighting Director  Keith Kelsay working to upgrade one of our spot lights...

keith kelsay

Lighting Renovation Team member Paul Sarran was able to rehabilitate and repair our dimmer pack - saving us over $2000 for the cost of a new one!!

paul sarran

In action, up the ladder, making it work. 


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