Thursday, March 13, 2014

Change in approach

 The first renovation plan was produced in 2008 which created a five-year project list that would allow the Center to gradually catch up with the required overdue maintenance of our facility.

We continue to update the renovation list each year with new projects. What is exciting about the current list is that we have finished everything that was called for back in 2008. So what does this mean for the future? The current renovation list not only has built into it a proactive list of projects that will be needed in the years to come, like replacing the roofs visual barrier, and preparing to replace a few HVAC units per year (which may or may not need replacing since we have moved to having a maintenance visit three times a year) but we are also able to explore beatification projects like replacing the chairs in Room 10 along with new paint, sound equipment, and lighting. Maybe you have already seen some parts of the Center receiving a fresh coat of paint? Make sure to check in on Grinton Chapel and room 11! 

Remember we mentioned the visual barrier on the roof? This will be a major help to amount of leaks it creates when it rains. And will make life easier as we look at replacing the roof membrane in the next few years.

We have many ideas for the future that will keep our Center looking fresh and beautiful. Imagine what the exterior of the building would look like with a fresh coat of paint! Or even a monument sign? Look out beautiful people of the Center, the renovation team has your best interest at heart. 

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