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Featured Volunteer: Ken McCauley

Ken McCauley has served as Treasurer on the Board of Trustees and as a longtime volunteer member of the Stewardship Team, seeing to the financial integrity of our Center. 

Ken says about sacred service, “Many years ago, I learned that service is its own reward. Ever since, I love working with a team and offering my time and talent to a common good. In doing so, I feel I am a part of a community; I am a part of our beloved Center. I belong.” 

Thank you, Ken, for your gracious and meticulous care of our Center and for sharing your wisdom about one of our pillars of spiritual practice.


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Featured Volunteer: Krista Mc Atee

Fluent Spanish speaker Krista McAtee is currently enrolled in Advanced Conscious Studies online with global Spanish-speaking teachers and students in our movement. 

In addition, she serves as a spiritual counselor in the Center's jail ministry, is on the leadership team of our Diversity Discussion Group, supports our Heart in Hand ministry, and is facilitating six Sunday evening conversations this year. 

Krista enjoys the practice of visioning as a way of manifesting deeper spiritual living in her many communities. Gracias, Krista. We are profoundly grateful for your selfless service.

Featured Volunteers Our Board of Trustees

One of the highest forms of service at the Center is elected membership to the board of trustees.These volunteers tend to the business and hold the consciousness of the Center in an official capacity. The connection they enjoy while doing so brings a deeply satisfying spiritual practice to each one of them.

Current members are, pictured left to right, David Powers, Juanita Ortegon, Carol Fleming, Lynn Ruebush, Erica Palazzo, Anne Snyder, Robin Zolotoff, Calvin Johnson, and Alicia Carroll. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our Center!

Featured Volunteer: Brenda Kobrin

Brenda is a powerful light in the leadership of the Practitioner Body. She gives of herself generously by being on the Core Council and Retreat Planning committee, Grinton Chapel host, typing prayer requests monthly and praying weekly with the Healing Circle. In addition she serves in the Education Department assisting in classes and staffing the registration table. She is the founder of Project Sleep Warm and Days for Girls project, which extend to local and global communities. “I love serving my beloved CSLSR community wherever and whenever I can. I opens my heart and fills me with a sense of purpose and the satisfaction of knowing that I am making a difference.”