Sunday, March 10, 2019

Featured Volunteer Peter Stickney

Peter Stickney, RScP, came to the Center in 1989, and like so many of us, knew he was home. In September of that year, he became one of three youth church teachers. In March of 1990, Peter took over as editor of the monthly newsletter known as Centerings and changed the name to Centering to bring attention to the oneness we all share. As a member of the Board of Trustees, Peter continued his dedicated work in youth church and became an advisor for the youth camps. Currently, Peter edits and posts Dr. Edward’s talks for the audio blog and for the radio station, KSRO. He has been part of the committee that organized Man Spirit retreats, weekly men’s groups, hosted weekly meditations, as well as weekly meetings discussing A Course in Miracles. Peter has been a Licensed Practitioner since 1993. Peter, thank you for your devotion and service. 

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