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Joyce Francis

Joyce Francis at Reception desk cheerfully greeting visitors to the center!

Acoustics Renovation Project update

HI All, Since time has passed, and our account got transferred to a new person because of internal changes, I decided to call Acoustic Sciences to find out what the status of our project was. I supposed it would have been tabled on the bottom of a long list. As it turns out, that was the case. I had a long and both chatty and professional talk with our rep. It turns out he grew up in Santa Rosa. He has fond memories of Santa Rosa, family here, and actually went skating here as a kid, so he knows the building, at least. the way it was. He gave me the information we need to proceed with the project -- a balloon burst test. I have arranged with Jerry to conduct the test this week. I will then send the data from the test to ASE. From this data, they will make some initial calculations to tame the sonic defects of the room. This is the initial functional phase of design. Then the next round of development will be to get input from all so that we can "voice" the room according to …

jackie Biden in bookstore

Photos of Flea Market

Dear Edward,Guess what? There was someone at the Flea Market taking photos...Marissa Fitrakis! I have her permission to send these on to you.
I had so many wonderful comments both from sale participants and from those who donated items!! It was a tremendous amount of physical labor for the Team, but we were all standing the next day, and feeling quite a bit of joy in our project and its success for all involved!!!
Thank you for your kind words on Sunday, I will them on to the Team, the Team That Rocks!!!!
Much love,

Sevite in Action

Here is Kelly dustmopping the Sanctuary.

Peace Pole

Susan Muir has sanded and refinished our Peace Pole. Thank you Susan for helping us beautify and maintain our property.