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Nursery Make Over

Thank you for all the thought and care that is going into upgrading our nursery floors and walls! Parents and babies are grateful!!

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Center Flooring

Here is the plan for the new flooring, as I know it...

On Thursday morning, October 21st, World of Carpet will deliver the materials for the nursery and halls. It will need to be stored here so it can acclimate.

On Sunday afternoon, October 24th, with the help of a team of
volunteers, we will clear everything out of the Nursery and store in the Social Hall. Susan and I plan to sort through the toys, donate a 1/3, clean and box a 1/3, and clean and ready a 1/3 to go back into the nursery. This way, my rotating toys, we can keep our toys cleaner
and get rid of any that are in disrepair and / or no longer serve.

On Monday, October 25th, World of Carpet will install the tile and
carpet in the nursery. Janet DePree will then paint the nursery on Tuesday - Friday and the nursery will be reassembled by Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, October 31st, we will remove everything from the office halls and reception area and store in the Social Hall.

On Monday, November 1st, Reception will be moved to the S…