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Lights, Action, Scaffolding!

Keith, our volunteer light technician, installing our new and amazing stage lighting. Thank you Keith!!!

Yard Work: Beautifying The Center

Thank you for giving us a much needed trim and clean up! We have the best volunteers!

Bookstore Volunteers at the Center for Spiritual Living

How do you run a fine bookstore for The Center for Spiritual Living? You gather excellent volunteers, that's how! Here are some of the amazing crew that make the bookstore work smoothly for your spiritual reading and gifts shopping pleasure. Thank you volunteers! Jennifer Mann Julie McCLung Jeff Basham, Linda Thomason and Anne Galbraith

Keyboard Action Update

This is Beverly Wells from PianoCraft with our Yamaha Grand keyboard and action that she has completely rebuilt, new hammers, knuckles, shanks - basically a new piano!! She's installing today - can't wait to hear it!! The instrument will have more dynamic range and a more full bodied less brittle sound throughout. Plus it's much more "playable". Can't wait to hear it and put it to use!! Christopher Fritzsche, Music Director