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Let's Have a Fundraiser, she said!

From Kathryn Jurik regarding our Eat for the Street fundraiser: We had so much fun and I took more pictures than I should have. I have struggled to meet the challenge to send you only 3 pictures. In these pictures, you will see the end of the day and a group of volunteers cheerfully waving from the Center parking lot. Another picture shows Allan Yeager with a thumbs up. I have so much gratitude to the staff of the Center who did all the behind-the-scenes set up for this event. Allan's thumbs-up is another happy summary of the day.  There is also a picture of the vegan dish. This is where I just couldn't decide what to send...vegan? stroganoff? chocolate cake? The event came about when we were in the kitchen at the Grange cooking and I said to Brenda and the rest of the Tuesday team that we should cook for the snack table in the social hall after the pandemic is over. So many people at the Center have supported our efforts and I thought it would be fun to give back.  Then Brenda