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Draft Renovation Plan for 2013 and Beyond

Continuing Renovation It’s truly heartwarming to walk around our Center and see the amazing amount of beauty and improvements that we’ve completed over the past few years. While we’re still catching up on some long-time deferred maintenance, your ideas, love, talents, time, energy, and donations are transforming our spiritual home. We have drafted a plan for 2013. We think this is a great plan, and we have learned that we need to be flexible and open to the next-right-idea.   Bookstore flooring $12,000 Will need crew to empty & restock bookstore Renovate kitchen & plumbing $10,000 Team has started planning Tree removal / trimming $4,000 Landscaping Team project Facility office floor $2,000 Need champions for this project Sliding wall in rooms 1&2 $6,000 Need champions for this project Sound/electrical improvements

Something to be said about surface beauty

Check it out! This August the Center's parking lot got a new coat and seal!  One of the largest items on our renovation list, *check*, done! What a beautiful new look to spiff up our lovely home.

Our Garden At The Center

Yeah Randy Urry and co. The tomato plants alone are over 6" high and LOADED!!

New flooring for rooms One and Two!

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Sunday, April 1, 2012 Stage Before And After

Krista, Satura and Ame redecorating the stage for April!! And here is Rev. Jeff speaking from the final product. Do you know these people?  You can find them at the Center, in our Youth and Family Program, in the social hall on Sundays and as elves beautifying our stage. Thank you!

Keeping us in line!

Brooke Chestnut is keeping those dust bunnies in line around our Sanctuary! This Young Adult boldly breezes by in her work as she keeps our Center clean and tidy! Brooke volunteers at our Center as well as working at the Golden Bridge. Thank you Brooke for your work, your passion, and your smile.

This fiery fountain of energy!

Mary Munat happily helping clean our foyer. I met Mary for the first time yesterday as she walked into my office with a sunny disposition and excited to do whatever was needed to keep our Center looking it's best. From bathrooms to floors there is no task too dirty, or too hard for this fiery fountain of energy! Thank you Mary for all that you are!

Spirit Creek Blessing, Walk & Clean-­Up

When: Sunday March 25, 1 to 4 pm Who: Everyone is welcome, all ages, for FREE! Where: Spirit Creek, headwaters of Irwin Creek Meet by the creek in the north parking lot of the Center for Spiritual Living 2075 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa, 95401, near Stony Point Rd. What: Bring water and gloves. Clean-­up supplies provided. We'll honor the season of new life by chanting with Sharona Tracy, story-telling with Michelle Keip and Earth blessing with Bonnie Chase. Stephanie Lennox, eco-educator, will lead the Spirit Creek walk and clean-up for fun, hands-on learning and service. Randy Urry will guide a biology quest to collect and identify animals that live in the creek. Nancy Moorhead will lead grounds care. Our generous volunteers will celebrate work well done with food donated by local businesses: hot pizza from Roundtable Pizza and healthy snacks & drinks from Costco and Trader Joes. This Spirit Creek Blessing, Walk & Clean-Up event is co-­sponsored by Spirit Cr