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Featured Volunteers: Jail Ministry Team

In 2018, after receiving security approval and training by the Sonoma County jail, members of our new Jail Ministry Team began sitting individually with men and women in the jail to listen and know with them that they have freedom and choice. Inmates sign up for a visit with a team member.  One woman openly cried and said the ministry changed her whole attitude about life when she heard, “We have time for you.”  Currently the team makes 20 to 30 visits to the jail each month.  Team members, pictured left to right, are Kathleen Kearney, Krista McAtee, Dan Parun, Susan Bennett, Tamarya Hulme, and Rosalie Sulgit-Shay.

Featured Volunteer: Allan Yeager

After serving on the board of trustees and volunteering in the library, bookstore, and business department, Allan is now a volunteer staff member at our Center.  He has the title of Communications Officer and that means he keeps a close watch on our website and everything we publish such as the Sunday bulletin we enjoy, the welcome booklet handed to visitors on Sunday, event posters, class workbooks, and so much more.  Along with a team of collaborators who also love grammar, spelling, design, and clarity, Allan helps make us look good. Thank you Allan.

Featured Volunteer Lori Ross

Lori Ross with Bookstore Manager, Martha Salazar Lori  Ross  has been volunteering in the bookstore since 2013.  Lori is an asset to the bookstore and any team she is on for a variety of reasons. She has an exceptional skill set. She treats any volunteer position like she is the CEO of the company. She is efficient and calm under pressure. She has extraordinary leadership qualities and quietly motivates those around her.  She is a team player and strong on her own.  L ori is the first to arrive, the last to leave, the organizer, the friend, the confidante, steadfast, loyal, and fiercely dedicated. I am honored to know her and blessed to have her energy and presence in the store.   Martha Salazar, Bookstore Manager