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Featured Volunteer: Peggy Weber

Whether in person or on the telephone, Practitioner Peggy Weber loves to pray with you. She serves in the Heart and Hand Ministry making hospital and home visits or phone calls to be a healing presence in your life. She co-facilitates the Grief and Loss Group as well as the Full Circle group. The Education Ministry also benefits from her able assistance in both enrichment and accredited classes. Peggy says that in addition to deepening her spiritual practices through the services she gives, she is paying forward the love that is given to her.

Featured Volunteer: Norma Miller

Norma has been a welcoming presence as usher for 30 years. Her warmth and graciousness have greeted many a congregant and helped create that feeling of “being home.”

She has run the Seniors-in-Spirit group for 15 years, took a stint at the front desk for a while, and served former Music Director Linda Webb Khakaba as organizer and friend. 
Norma loves the many rewards that sharing and being in service have brought her.