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What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Bruce Gatta

  "I love volunteering at the Center every Sunday, doing setup, teardown, and counting congregants…it’s been satisfying seeing our numbers increase since we’ve returned! I recently started greeting congregants, which is especially rewarding. I also like picking up the trash and making our Center look clean and beautiful! Doing this makes me truly happy. I love that I have a small part in the making of the Sunday Services. The Service gives me a positive start to every week, and I find that my part in this Spiritual Circulation is a great blessing." Bruce Gatta

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Dennis O'Rear

  "I am a retired engineer. In my career I’ve had the opportunity to use my creativity. I appreciate the Center for its non-traditional approach to spirituality and its embrace of creativity.  Spirituality is open at the top. I enjoy volunteering for events at the Center and have done so for six years. Not only is volunteering a way of demonstrating my support, it gives me the opportunity to work alongside many other like-minded people." Dennis O'Rear

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Jan Davis

  "The Center for Spiritual Living transformed my life over the years, and the tools I have learned there continue to support me everyday. So I feel blessed to be able to support my spiritual home by volunteering my time and talent." Jan Davis

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Olivia Kinzler

"I volunteer because it's the right thing to give back to a community that is giving me so much. As a former member of the OneHeartChoir, a quilter in the Center's Sleep Warm Project, and kitchen cook for one of our longtime organizations that the Center for Spiritual Living sponsors financially, The Living Room, I receive as much, if not more than I give. Now, being a Volunteer Welcome Team member allows me to greet people at the door and to welcome them in. As a person of color, hopefully I can be an example of a spiritual community becoming more and more diverse. I love it spiritual home, CSL Santa Rosa!" Olivia Kinzler

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Bari Barella

"I started coming to the Center in 2017 and just became a member this year. I have been so grateful for the Center in my life and now that I am pretty much retired, I wanted to give back in some way.  I travel to SoCal to see my grandsons at least once a month so the perfect volunteer opportunity for me is pulling weeds, gardening, cleaning and beautifying the Center grounds.  Looking forward to connecting with more people at the Center in the future." Bari Barella

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Michael Seymour

"I love the Center for Spiritual Living; it is not just a place but a family. The work the Center does, and the message it sends out are vital for these times and future generations. Volunteering is not only one of our pillars but is a way to help our center thrive.  I enjoy the connection with the people at the center and it's my small way of contributing. With spirit in your heart, it doesn't even seem like work.  So if you are not volunteering now, make the connection, it feels so good." Boundless blessings! Michael Seymour

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Jennifer Mann, RScP

"Here I am filming one of my many home videos during lockdown that was used in online church for Announcements. I love hosting, emceeing Events and praying from the platform as a happy volunteer. I'm so grateful that we're back Live so I can feel the homey vibes in the sanctuary and social hall." Jennifer Mann, RScPE