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Sound Renovation

Greetings, I expect we wil take delivery of the sound panels the 2nd oweek of June. It looks like the earliest opportunity we will have to install them is Saturday, June 19th. We can't get into the Sanctuary until 11 am, but this job should be done within 4 hours. Will need to set up scaffolding for panels on the side walls and the rest will go onto the stage, behind the band. Would like to hear from crew members from our last install, please pass this on just in case my email doesn't make it to everyone. The wonderful, efficient crew we had before: Jeff Wong, Bob Storms, Chuck Fisher, Dixon Denzell, Steve Berg, Ron Abler, Keith Eggel, Joe Martinez, Gary Boehmer.... I think we will need Chris Fritsche this time and of course me. Jerry Cornacchio, Facility Manager Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa 2075 Occidental Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 707-546-4543 x 114, FAX 546-4548, -- Posted from my iPhone

Renovations at the Center

Well they come in all forms don't they?

Want to help?

Hello! I'm looking for someone to help me maintain the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa Facebook group page - if you are interested, please contact me. I'm looking for someone who is willing to invest an hour a week (sometimes less) doing very specific tasks. If you are reliable, love the Center, know your way around the web and want to help... I would love to hear from you. You must have your own facebook account, and access to the internet to do this volunteer task. Love, Edward.

Center for Spiritual Living, this is….

Our volunteer receptionists were honored at a Tea at the Center.  We love them.

Parking Patrol (Angels)

Part of keeping our property safe, and tidy is making sure the people who use it do so safely and tidily.  That has become a key function during large events and so our Parking Angels (seen beautifully dressed above) make it there business to guide and assist our parkers, maintaining not only our property, but our healthy relationships with our neighbors. Thank you, Thank you.  Over and Out.