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Featured Volunteer: Kathryn Jurik

For the past three decades, Kathryn Jurik has given herself in selfless service that blesses our community. Youth Church, Kidz Nights, Family Camp, curriculum writing, and bookstore volunteering is a partial list. Kathryn has co-created our 4 am Peace Meditation altar and the beautiful batik handprints and hearts that grace our stage from time to time. 
Currently, she enjoys singing in the One Heart Choir and moderating the Center’s Facebook group
Kathryn describes service as being the person who likes doing the dishes when everyone else doesn’t—not only doing them but singing at the same time! 
Thank you, Kathryn, for the many ways you serve us.

Featured Volunteers: Nurturing Our Community Team

So many visitors enter our sanctuary and are enveloped in that blessed feeling of being Home. That idea sparked a wonderful event called Nurturing Our Community whereby people may bid on events that are held in people’s homes to create intimate connections, nourishing food, music, crafting and community.

The devoted Team who sponsors the advertising, auctioning and soliciting of hosts brings great joy and generous fund raising to our Center.

Pictured here are Teresa Jansen, Angela Glasser, Gail Mardfin.

Additional members are Jan Davis, Bob Hart, Anne Gero, Bob Matreci, Erica Palazzo, Jeff Basham, Jenny Hale, Lynn Ruebush and Tara Steele.

Featured Volunteer: Alicia Carroll

For the past 10 years, Alicia Carroll has brought beauty to all she touches at the Center whether it is ordering beautiful garments and gifts for Stepping Stones Bookstore, decorating a wedding reception or other special event with flowers and food, or offering her mindful leadership on the Board of Trustees.

Alicia donates a lot of time and treasure to our Center, but she claims she receives even more from her willingness to serve. She claims that the classes and the people she has met have brought loving kindness to her life in a way that is joyfully transformative.

Thank you Alicia for the blessings of all you are and do.

Featured Volunteer: Vivian Strand

Vivian came to the Center on Orchard Street on St. Patrick’s Day, 1985, when her husband Jim was invited to play Irish music. They both felt so welcomed, that they began attending regularly, took many classes, putting the Science of Mind philosophy to work in their lives.

Vivian has served on the Board of Trustees, is Chaplain to the Practitioner body, and sees clients for spiritual support and coaching.

Along with Jim, Vivian became involved in the first World Peace Meditation on December 31, 1986, and together they have continued facilitating it on the last day of every month since that time — 32 years!

Thank you Vivian and Jim for your love and service.

Featured Volunteer Rhonda D Lee

Rhonda Lee has been sweeping the floor of the sanctuary weekly since February 2013.

She is one of those important people who keep this Center beautiful while performing her task quietly in the background.

She claims that this time is sacred to her and feels like a spiritual practice! 
She listens to podcasts or music while she works and looks forward to giving her service each week.

Thank you, Rhonda!