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Above our heads while we pray!

This image shows most of the AC units on the Sanctuary roof... they are covered with plastic to protect from overspray.The roof is already coated with a few layers of emulsion (asphalt & bentonite clay, etc).

What’s above the Social Hall?

this shows the Social hall roof and some of it's AC units gift wrapped :-)

Spraying “Chop”

This image shows some of the roofing crew spraying on the top layer of emulsion called "Chop". "Chop" refers to the mixture of emulsion and fiberglass that is chopped up at the distribution hose the applicator is holding. There is a fellow behind him carrying a 60lb case of coiled up fiberglass "rope" that he is feeding to the "chop" head that the applicator controls. The third guy is Philip, the owner of the company, who is very hands on in every step of the job. .... and behind him is another fellow who is tending the hoses and making sure of a continuous flow of emulsion.

Spreading “Chop”

Closeup of worker spreading "Chop"... notice the white fiberglass rope being fed into the chopper that is directly below the emulsion spraying hose. Our roof is covered with a matrix of emulsion, sheets of fiberglass, more emulsion, and then this layer of chop.In about 2 more weeks, when the emulsion has had a chance to dry, Tradewinds Roofing will come back to overcoat the whole roof with a Silver Latex solution to reflect the sun and protect the underlying layers.Jerry Cornacchio, Facility Manager
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
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Tankers and pumps for the job

Roof Capsheet Buildup

Roof Renovation

Fiberglass & emulsion beginning

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