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How many Religious Scientists does it take to move a speaker?

Our gratitude for your service! And wait till you hear the sound on Sunday!

Power Balins

Jerry and I used the lift today to connect the new powered balins to the outside projectors and it looks good. I also used one of the old balins to connect the middle projector – it may not jitter but if it does we can easily connect a new powered one because the balin is behind the stage not 17ft in the air.  Also, the new matrix switch is configured and working, so we can have the Power Point projected or live video at the touch of a button. Paul Sarran and friends were finishing the center speaker moves and we all expect improved sound in the front of the Sanctuary this coming Sunday. Keith Eggel, Video Ministry Coordinator

Action on the set

The Scissor Lift:  needed for our annual Fire Safety Inspection and tomorrow for our speaker relocation project and projector recabling project.   It looks like fun, if you don’t mind heights. Photo by Christopher Fritzsche

Our New Boulevard Trees


A beautiful way to begin Spring at the Center with the planting of new healthy trees to line our main driveway.  Thank you, Thank you to our happy volunteers.  Here are a few photos from Bruce Westin of just some of the hands that helped.  And there were many more hands.  We look forward to beautiful white blossoms next season.