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Stripping and Waxing

Wow, what a difference that makes!photo by Chris Fritzsche

Project Sleep Warm

Look what project sleep warm made with the fabric sample books that Paul donated!Technorati Tags: ,,,,

How it happens

Nancy Moorehead rakes and manicures our grounds. Thank you.

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Hi Everyone,Just letting you all know that we now have a system installed on the Sanctuary Yamaha piano that controls temperature and humidity. How might this affect you you askJ?  Well…  anyone who is moving the piano any distance needs to be aware that there is now an extension cord that hangs from the bottom of the instrument. This is plugged in 24/7 to a unit which only comes on when necessary to regulate temperature/humidity of the instrument, so please don’t be tempted to unplug it for any reason. Please move VERY slowly if you need to move the piano, and be careful not to roll over the cord.Also, we’ve set the thermostats in the Sanctuary to not let the room go below 55 degrees. This is in order to better care for our instruments and equipment, especially the piano and the drum heads. This means that the thermostats are now always turned to “heat” during the winter and not turned “off” when not in use like before. If anyone walks into the Sanctuary during the week and finds the…

Taking Care of Business

Rev. Joyce Duffala,  Assistant Minister and Ken McCauley, Treasurer take care of the business of signing the checks to pay our vendors and bills.  Thank you for keeping us in good shape and checking up on the business of the Center.