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Featured Volunteer: Maggie Cole

Why I Serve? by Maggie Cole I’ve been in service to this community for over 30 years. Many many times, I went over board via a belief that in order to be allowed on the planet and set my feet on this earth, I am supposed to work hard. Needless to say, this is a false belief. In assisting in a class decades ago, a student shared something with me after I had told a story of my hard work belief. She said, “you could sit on a rock for the rest of your life and you would be essential to this universe.” This statement changed my life. I continue to serve and I have learned to ask myself, is this mine to do? For decades, I have participated on Sunday Evenings, from drumming with Tom McCurry and Ron Atchison when Ruth Barnhart facilitated her prayer service. I spoke there for many years when other people had taken over. About 10 years ago, Rev. Joyce asked me if I would like to do a Sunday Evening, as everybody else had moved on. I said yes, as I had spoken in many churches in years past, ev

Featured Volunteer: Lisa Barry

I have been a member of the One Heart Choir since 2006. I love being part of the music ministry at the center. This year has been quite different as the center is closed and the choir has not been able to serve in the usual way. When given the opportunity to participate in making music video's for the Sunday services I jumped at the chance to once again share the joy of singing with the choir. It has been an honor and a blessing to be a part of the virtual music ministry, and I look forward to the day we will sing our hearts out at the center once again.

Featured Volunteer: Gail Mardfin

The things that I volunteer to do at the Center are things that I like to do and which make use of my God-given talents. Since arriving 5 years ago from being very active at a CSL in Morristown, New Jersey, I’ve helped out with publicity and graphic design needs in various ways, but most especially for the Nurturing Our Community program and silent auction, and all that goes into that.  Most especially I enjoyed being a part of the devoted volunteer group that makes up the NOC Committee. I also used to do Sunday announcements from the stage; once I had crossed my fear the first heart-pounding time, I thought it was fun! A new perspective. My current available time is irregular since I take care of my dear granddaughter a couple of times a week, so it is hard to commit to a team effort. I was happy to see “paint electric box” on Evan’s ToDo list and step forward.  Perfect conditions: sun in your eye and leaves falling on wet paint. It was great!

Featured Volunteer: Jim Morton

Volunteering is like tapping into an immense reservoir of goodness.  It is a great feeling and helps me feel is such a positive way of being and has a magical quality.  Jim Morton

Featured Volunteers: David and Donna

  We enjoy volunteering at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, workingoutside. It is another way we can support the Center that gives us so much! Blessings, David and Donna

Featured Volunteer: Mary Munat

I have been attending CSL Santa Rosa for about 12 years and quickly got on the "member track."  I take classes regularly, just finished an exceptional Life Visioning class with Rev. Tara Steele, based on Michael Beckwith's work - it was life-changing.  I've just enrolled in the Holmes Institute's Master's Program in Consciousness Studies, classes begin in January.  All this from a devout agnostic 20 years ago  ; - )   I love being of service to our Center and have participated in several capacities over the years, cooking for the unhoused with Kathryn Jurik and the Homeless Action Network;  Wednesday night ushering;  greening up our Thanksgiving meals, whenever and however I am able. Now I'm looking forward to assisting Evan with property maintenance, LOVE being able to help out, especially now, a way to be in community, albeit COVID-ly.    Hoping everyone is thriving in being at home, more time for our spiritual development!