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What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Trish Watkins

I have been volunteering at the Center for as long as I have been attending, some 17 or 18 years, and have participated in many different positions. I do this because I get a lift from being  there; it's always a good vibe and something  I truly relish.  Volunteering is such a reciprocal activity, a true giving and receiving experience. I think it will always be a priority for me. 

-Trish Watkins


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AIDS/LifeCycle 2022

 Photos by the CSLSR AIDS/LifeCycle Team Thank you to our volunteer cyclists for representing our community on an epic fundraising 454 miles ride. 

How to Volunteer

Select the area you would like to volunteer in, complete the form, and a member of staff will contact you. Landscape maintenance Sunday hospitality Facility housekeeping Video team Facility projects (painting, organizing, repair) Skilled help (electrical, plumbing, etc.) Event Parking Lot surveillance  Other "When we serve others, we gain more than hope. We gain energy." — Margaret J. Wheatley in  Turning to One Another "All acts of service are meaningless unless they are given with love." — Sai Baba in  Wisdom from World Religions  by Sir John Templeton

What I Love About Being a Volunteer - Tony Vito

I have been a musician with the Center since 2006. During this time, I have learned to truly face myself, and start again with a clean slate and open mind. There have been times when my Center has loved, understood, and forgiven me when I could not. I have found my deepest, most meaningful friendships here; this place of Hope and Joy that holds my Soul in loving arms. Musically, the Center had taught me about service and discipline, things I was lacking as a musician. Working with our music director Chris through the years has been a fantastic, rewarding journey, and a conduit to remembering who I am. I'm so glad I found a home for my Mind, Heart, and Soul. -Tony Vito